ThisIsEvia is a project spinning in my mind for quite some time. I guess I could say I first started thinking about it over 10 years ago. Back in 2008 I quit my job, working for Sony in Athens, and moved to the family cottage in Amarynthos, a coastal town of central Evia. Even though I had spent almost every summer of my life in this cottage I had rarely quested far from Amarynthos, mostly to Chalkis, the capital of the island, where my grandma was born and I still had family and less often to some of the most popular beaches of the island.

Moving here I gradually became aware of the actual size of the island, second largest in Greece means BIG, and the numerous destinations that even locals often didn’t know and were waiting to be discovered. Around the same time I got into kiteboarding and pretty soon I started wandering around the island, following the wind and looking for the perfect kite spot. From north to south, in the next few years I must have visited almost every beach on the island, in all four seasons, driving countless kilometres through and around it and exploring on the way all the beauties it had to offer.

I like to believe I have the ability to locate problems and things that might need improvement and try to devise solutions. For years I was contemplating over why Evia is not that popular, not attracting visitors the way other destinations did. It’s an island with vastly diverse sceneries, countless attractions and activities for any taste. Size and lack of infrastructure were the most obvious reasons although the latest could also be perceived as a consequence both of not being popular and of being big thus harder to manage. Size is also making difficult to promote the virtues of the island as a whole.

As years passed and I kept exploring the island i started amassing a large number of ideas, personal connections and, of course, photos. In early 2019 I purchased the domain with the vague intention of realizing one of the earliest ideas I had regarding the island, an online guide for potential visitors. In the spirit of times I didn’t envision just another tourist guide but wanted to pass on all the information us locals possessed, Concentrate all those little secrets I got to learn about the island in a central location where everyone could access them. What’s more, being a photographer, I needed this to be a visual guide, an immersive experience as close to the real thing as possible.